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April 15, 2015

Q & A | What do I need to know about CFPB?

Q: What do I need to know about CFPB? A: The CFPB is the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  It is an independent bureau within the Federal Reserve […]
January 7, 2015

Q & A | Probating Wills

Q: You may have heard the following phrase from an attorney, “You cannot probate a will if more than four years have elapsed since the decedent’s […]
December 10, 2014

Q & A | Medicaid Estate Recovery Program Claim

Q: Is there something that an Estate for a deceased seller can obtain to verify that there exists no Texas Medicaid Estate Recovery Program (MERP) Claim? […]
November 12, 2014

Q & A | Power of Attorney, Trust Agreement, or Court Order

Q: Can an agent under a power of attorney, a trustee under a trust, or  the personal representative of an estate (i.e. executor or administrator) delegate […]
October 8, 2014

Q & A | Inheritance for Collateral Kindred

Q:  When there is an intestate death, and the decedent did not have a surviving spouse or children or parents, leaving siblings as the heirs at law,  […]
August 13, 2014

Q & A | Issuing a T-1R Owner’s Title Policy

Q: Do I always issue a T-1R Owner’s Title Policy if the property is “residential” real property? A: No. You should issue the T-1R only when […]