How to File a Claim

If anyone claims a right against your insured title, you must notify us promptly. FAILURE TO TIMELY NOTIFY US OF YOUR CLAIM MAY RESULT IN A LOSS OF COVERAGE UNDER THE TERMS OF YOUR POLICY.

After receiving the information described below we will investigate and promptly inform you of whether the claim is a covered matter under the policy.

Submitting a Claim:

Please email the forms below to and include the following information:

1. A cover letter briefly explaining the claim
2. Copy of the title policy or commitment showing First National Title Insurance Co. as the underwriter.
3. Your direct contact information.
4. Proof of Loss Form. CLICK HERE to download and complete the Proof of Loss Form.

In addition to the items listed above, please include any other supporting documentation related to your claim. Documents such as the HUD-1 Settlement Statement, Mortgage, Deed of Trust and any notices sent to you by third parties should be included with your claim.

Forms may also be mailed to:

First National Title Insurance Company
Attention: Claims Department
2400 Dallas Parkway #580
Plano, TX 75093

First National Title Insurance Company may request additional documentation as needed during the claim review process. In addition to document requests, First National Title Insurance Company may require sworn affidavits be submitted by you, the insured.

If You Have Been Sued:

Please send First National Title Insurance Company a copy of the petition served upon you, in addition to any additional information you have regarding the claimed allegations. Under Texas procedural rules, time for responding to a lawsuit is short. Your immediate notification is required in order to evaluate your claim. Failure to timely notify First National Title Insurance Company in writing may limit or extinguish your right to receive representation under the policy.