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24 Apr

TIPS DURING COVID: Take Time for Yourself!

I normally do my Blog on education for title; however, today it seemed like a better idea to focus on all of you and some things that may help during this time. Remember, we are all in this together!! It’s important to take time for yourself! Here are a few things that help to relieve

12 Aug

Training & Education | What is a title defect?

Recently, I was asked by a consumer what exactly a title defect was and what kind of things a policy won’t cover. It’s important for everyone in our industry to understand all aspects of title and not just how to cure title. Below will explain exactly what a title defect is along with some examples

17 Jun

FNTI Education Programs Offer Credit for Escrow Officers

The Texas Department of Insurance made several changes to the continuing education (CE) process in March.  The biggest change is that escrow officers will now renew their licenses during their birth month instead of when the agent license is renewed.  Escrow officers will now have more responsibility in making sure the CE requirements are met,

22 Apr

2nd Quarter Deadlines to Remember for 2019!

APRIL  Payroll reporting to federal and state • 940 (payment only, if any) • 941 (forms only – if payments made timely) • TWC (forms and payment)  Sales tax reporting (monthly and quarterly filers) – due April 20  Report to underwriters of March closings with $  Deposit into solvency account, if

18 Mar

Eduation & Training | T-64: Do You Know?

Some of the questions I have been asked are: Do the commission amounts have to be disclosed on the T-64? Answer- No only the payees on the CDA. Do we have to fill in the recording? Answer- It is optional; however, it is a great practice to fill in all information. Do we disclose all

15 Jan

2019 Deadlines to Remember for the New Year!

It’s a New Year which means deadlines. Please find the below deadlines for the first quarter of 2019!! We at FNTI strive to make sure you have the knowledge you need. Please do not hesitate to email me at with any questions or concerns. You can find the full year calendar here: JANUARY