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National Real Tax Tracking

Who we are:

National Real Tax Tracking (NRTT) brings over 65 years of combined experience in the property tax industry from its founders and partners. The founders built the largest tax lien investment firm in the country and quickly recognized the need to provide property tax services to banks, lenders, loan servicers, and title companies. In 2010, they founded NRTT, a company with unparalleled knowledge, exceptional service, and decades of experience that cover every facet of the local property tax markets. NRTT is both a leader and a pioneer in the industry, offering tax certificates, reporting, monitoring, and payment facilitation services. Headquartered in Chicago, IL and with offices in Dallas, TX, National Real Tax Tracking is assisting clients in all 50 states to provide innovative data solutions for real estate property tax.

Title Tax Certificates:

Tax Certs provide critical details of real time information such as current tax amounts, delinquent tax amounts, assessed value, property tax due dates, tax collector & assessor contact information, and payment instructions.  Delivery of our tax certificates can be customized to your desired format for the inclusion in closing docs and can be utilized to provide fast due diligence.

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