George’s Update | The Ultimate Reality Show

24 Jan

George’s Update | The Ultimate Reality Show

“A strong team can take any crazy vision and turn it into a reality” – John Carmack

“I look for a good story. Usually the best stories are the ones that are unbelievably true.” – Dennis Quaid

“My creative juices are always flowing from a river of reality.” – George H. Stablein Jr.

I have an affinity for reality shows about jobs. There are shows and realtors, flippers, fish tank makers, vets.. you name it, there is one except our profession.

The common refrain I get is “we are boring” or “nobody cares about what we do”. To that I say balderdash. 

In my twenty years I have seen some doozies in our business. I know you have stories even wilder.  After reading this and you want to share one of your crazy stories, please share at There may be a prize for the best story.

Here are few teasers that would make for great TV:

A husband thought dead coming back from the “grave” after his wife sold the property;

A dog being held hostage so the soon to be ex-wife goes thru with a closing;

A man with two wives with neither knowing about the other until the closing;

An intoxicated seller comes to the closing;

Drunk insult comic at an MCE Class;

Prison Closings;

Good old fashioned blocking the entrance with shot gun yelling “you ain’t coming onto my land!”;

Voodoo hex put on at a closing;

Pet cemetery in back yard unbeknownst to the new owners until digging starts in back yard;

Moving van in the parking lot waiting for keys and keys are not given;

The unknown brother becoming known after the seller dies and the kids are ready to close;

“The idea”

I have more where that came from. The idea was to spark your creative juices and find the fun in our career choice and the realization we have a pretty cool profession.

Let’s keep having fun together. 



  1. We had one of the heirs bring their drug dealer to closing and followed her to the bank to make sure he got his money.

  2. I am proud of you Son!

  3. I am proud of you Son!


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