TITLE TIPS: Going Native, Going to School, and Going into the New Year

23 Jan

TITLE TIPS: Going Native, Going to School, and Going into the New Year

Hello again fellow title insurance enthusiast! It’s been awhile–I know–but y’all, it felt like I went native and pulled a Burt Macklin at FNTI. Who is Burt Macklin you may ask? None other than Andy Dwyer’s super-intense-FBI persona who goes full throttle into his work (yes, I’m continuing with the Parks and Rec. analogies–that’s not going to change). Since I last blogged, my responsibilities in the office have grown immensely–and I love it!

In the beginning, I worked on compiling home office issue policies for signature, distributing/sending mail, answering phone calls, filing/scanning, and registering agents up for FirstNet (let’s put a pin that last one, I’m coming back to that). Now what do I do? Let’s tag on entering Florida and some hand-key remittances, creating webinar certificates/surveys, compiling over limit files, assisting agency representatives with various task (assemble TREC seminar packets, update agency information, wrap up closed agents, etc.), verify account statements, distribute online press releases, write a quarterly blog, and the most recent project of bringing our office into 2018. NEW FILES! You get new files, you get new files, and you get new files! I went Opera for a moment, sorry. Needless to say, I am a jack-of-all-trades in my office and I like that.

Also, to continue my jack-of-all-trades role, FNTI is sending Heather Stubbs and me to the 2018 TLTA Land Title School! Three days in Austin, Texas to teach me all the industry basics, from opening orders to claims. Do I know what those are?–kind of–but after February 7, I will know the ins and outs of everything title insurance. Prepare for a plethora of knowledge in my next blog post in April.

One thing I do know the ins and outs of is FirstNet user registration (told you I would come back to it). As in, if you need access to our portal FirstNet, free on-demand continuing education courses, and RamQuest’s Closing Market/SoftPro360–I’m the girl to give you the hookup. Although, I’ve noticed that our agents are a bit confused as to what FirstNet can offer, so let me break it down.

First off, the necessities of user registration: first and last name, job title, phone number, e-mail address, and title agency branch. These five items are what I need to register anyone. If you want to help out even more (so I don’t have to dig through a pile of e-mails/files or chase down your agency rep.), tell me the software your company uses (SoftPro or Ramquest), and if you will be creating policies. That way, I’ll give you the correct permissions and you won’t be hit back with any admission errors.

Once registered, you’re free to roam through the Agency Support Center. Create, view, and edit CPL’s/ICSL’s. Access TLTA’s on-demand continuing education courses. Quick note on that one, you will need to be registered with TLTA as well to check out courses and receive credit. For those who use RamQuest’s Closing Market or SoftPro360, with FirstNet credentials you can gain access to these programs and create policies with our jackets. Bing, bang, and boom–that easy!

FirstNet is an amazing tool and resource for our agents, so for those of you who have not signed up–send me an e-mail (kristine.prather@fnti.com) and I can have you registered in a snap. Start the New Year right with the right service.

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